HPPBZ is part of three networks:

Federation for Associations of the Humana People to People Movement (Federation)

Humana People to People is an international federation of 30 NGOs and social enterprises working with partners in 45 countries to support people and communities to overcome some of the world’s major humanitarian, social and environmental challenges. Its members are independent national associations who base their projects on the needs and potential of the communities they serve. In 2019, more than 1,200 development projects ere implemented by the different members and reached over 12 million people.


HPPBZ has been an active member of the Federation since 2007.

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Belize Network of NGOs (BNN)

The Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) was formed in 2016 and seeks to be the unified voice of Non-Governmental-Organizations in Belize advocating good governance to achieve sustainable human development.


HPPBZ is an active member of BNN since 2016.

Regional Dialogue Mechanism of the Regional Integrated Framework for Protection and Solutions (MIRPS)

MIRPS seeks to improve refugee self-sufficiency, alleviate pressures on host countries, support existing conditions in countries of origin and expand access to solutions involving third countries. The network operates in Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama.


HPPBZ is an active member of MIRPS since 2021.