Our mandate

To empower and mobilize individuals, families, and communities to reduce poverty and vulnerability through local actions and capacity building.

Our mission

To improve the standard of living and the way of life of those affected by poverty in Belize through social assistance, education, and welfare programs.

Our vision

To create development in the broadest sense, primarily through the establishment and the implementation of projects that transfer knowledge, skills, and capacity to individuals and communities in need of assistance to overcome poverty and dehumanized conditions.


Our approach

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with vulnerable populations and traditionally marginalized groups from different ages and backgrounds in rural and hard-to-reach communities of Belize.


 Accordingly, our approach is based on open dialogue, active participation, and collaborative work between individuals, groups, local leaders, government bodies, and the private sector.  


Our strategic priorities

Our projects align with the Sustainable Development Goals and address one or more of the following priorities:  

1. SOCIAL & ECONOMIC INCLUSION: Seeks to promote the social and economic inclusion of vulnerable populations by raising awareness on human rights while enhancing literacy levels, proficiency of English as a second language, entrepreneurship skills, and financial education.


2. HEALTHY LIFESTYLES: Centers in improving the overall population's health by increasing knowledge about infectious and noncommunicable diseases, addictive behaviors, malnutrition, reproductive health, and hygiene while advancing access to food security and sanitation. 


3. SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE & ENVIRONMENT: Focuses on enhancing subsistence-farmers' agricultural productivity and income by integrating climate-smart and environmentally friendly practices and infrastructure.


4. DISASTER RISK REDUCTION & DISASTER MANAGEMENT: Supports underserved communities to reduce risks and better respond to disasters by providing training, equipment, supplies, and infrastructure while increasing awareness and adaptation to climate change.


5. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Aims to increase the income of micro-entrepreneurs and to raise funds for HPPBZ's community development projects via the implementation of social business models while advocating for sustainable production and consumption practices. 


Our Team

We are a multi-ethnic and multi-talented team passionate about community development. Every year local volunteers and international students from  Richmond Vale Academy and other partnering organizations offer their skills and time to support our projects' implementation.

Additional information


Legal status: Non-governmental organization


Year of establishment/registration: 2007


Registered under the regulatory agency: Ministry of Human Development of Belize